19 December 2011

Life Changes...

So I realized it has been way too long since I posted on my blog. So much life has happened!

Jayden has turned 3 years old, Kenley just turned 2 years old and we are expecting #3 in June! We are so excited to welcome another sweet soul into the McHam family.

The girls have started "school" this year. They attend MDO and Pre-school at CSK (Christian School of Kingwood) and they LOVE it! They are learning so much and they adore their teachers. They go twice a week and it has been such a blessing!

I am seeing a couple of doctors pretty regularly during this pregnancy. I have seen my Endocrinologist several times and I have been going to the OB once a week. They have recently pulled that back to once every two weeks so it won't be so bad.

Since I posted last, I have been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes. That means that my body is not producing any insulin at all. That is the hormone that helps your body change sugar into energy. So, I have recently gotten an insulin pump. It is AMAZING! Instead of giving myself 5 shots a day, I now have one injection site that I change around every 3 days. The pump looks like a little pager or cell phone clipped onto my pants or wherever. It has helped so much over the past week that I have had it. Technology is really amazing. Over the last week, I have felt so much better and my diabetes has been in complete control!

So, that is about all that is happening with us now. Christmas is coming up and we are excited to spend the weekend with my family in Arlington. Honestly...I'm so excited for the holidays to be over. We have been going constantly since mid-November. I am so ready to not have anywhere else to go or anyone else to dress up for! Don't get me wrong...I LOVE the holidays...especially Christmas! I just long for the days when we celebrated Christmas Eve opening family presents and then waking up Christmas day to what Santa brought. Only then did we pack up and head to Grandma's house. We didn't have 5 separate Christmases with multiple extensions of the family. It was so much simpler then and so much more special!

Okay...I'm off my soapbox now. I do LOVE the holidays and I LOVE watching my kids' faces light up when we talk about Santa and when they see him. We spend a lot of time talking about the reason of the season and the reason we give presents in the first place. Merry Christmas everyone and keep the focus on the reason we are all here!

04 March 2011


Well, a lot has happened since I last posted, but it doesn't really seem like I have a lot to tell. Life!

I didn't really get to finish my 21 day challenge, but I am still having success with my weight loss and eating healthier. I was doing very well on the challenge and seeing some success, but the timing was just really bad! We had a trip planned that put me out of town for 5 days and then we got iced in, in Arlington for an extra day. Needless to say...I wasn't going to drive to Dallas (40 minutes each way) to pick up more food for the program. When I got home it was really difficult to fit it into the routine of our daily life. I really enjoyed the food and I wish I was able to stick with it. However, I did learn A LOT! I learned about fixing foods that are healthier and portions. Even after just 1.5 weeks, I was able to train myself to only eat the right portion sizes. My body just recognizes that it is satisfied faster! It is awesome.

So...the results so far: I am at 134 lb (pre-pregnancy weight was 133!) and I have lost 3 inches in my hips!!!! I am so excited! I had to buy new jeans because I was really tired of pulling up my other ones all the time!! I am continuing to learn and adjust what I eat and what I do for exercise. Everyone is noticing the difference and it feels GREAT!

My Mary Kay business is going really well! I finally recruited my third person and have now earned my RED JACKET! That is one thing I LOVE about this business. I am my own boss and if I want a promotion...I just have to do the work to promote myself. If I don't meet my goals...no one can fire me. I just push back the deadline a little! And you mothers know that with two little babies...deadlines get pushed...a lot! :)

The family is doing great! Travis is being shifted around at work to a better team. He is pretty excited about being on a different team and actually enjoying his work.
Jayden is getting so big and is such an awesome big sister! She helps out so much around here,especially with her little sister. We were playing a game the other night and one of the cards asked Jayden to say the name of a friend, "KENLEY!!" is the first thing that she yelled! :) My heart melted!! There is just nothing like sisters!
Kenley is WALKING!!!! Scary! She has really started to move and groove! She loves to dance and it is very entertaining to watch her try to walk and dance at the same time. HILARIOUS!

Well, that is about it for now. I really am trying to be better at posting. I need to schedule a time each day to sit down and do it. I'm just really bad at scheduling! :) We'll see what happens!

Thanks for sticking around!

26 January 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day 3

Day 2 was a lot easier than Day 1!

I think I'm getting the hang of this! :) Yesterday, I was a lot busier than the day before, so it made it easier to not focus on food or whether I was really hungry. I just didn't have time to eat anything other than what I had on my meal plan. I did find out that I don't like Greek Yogurt. Yuck! Why would anyone want to eat anything that has an after-taste like vomit. I just don't get it! Oh well...

The food I had yesterday was actually pretty good. The meals were great and the cookie I had for a snack in the afternoon was awesome! I don't know if it was the fact that I had gone over 24 hours without something sweet or if the cookie was just that good! :)

I had a lot to do yesterday so that kept me busy. I had Ladies' Bible Class in the morning and that distracted me to lunch. Then, when the babysitter came, I ran a couple of errands before it was time to take Kenley to her first Little Gym class of the semester! It was so much fun! Kenley was fearless!!! She tried everything and by the end of the class she was taking over! :) I also noticed a huge difference in the amount of energy I had this time. When we went for our introductory class, I was able to do everything with her, but could feel myself getting tired. This time...I did everything with her and chased after her, ran around with her and I didn't feel tired at all!! I am feeling a big difference in myself after just 2 full days of this challenge. I'm so excited!

After Little Gym I went shopping with Kenley. I got some new tennis shoes because my old ones were 4 years old and the plastic in the back was digging into my ankles every time I moved. It was time! I got some really cute ones:
I also got some new heels that are super cute:
Okay...enough about shoes! :) After our shopping trip, I went home and got Jayden. Her Little Gym class is scheduled for Fridays at 3:15, but we are going to be out of town this Friday. So, I rescheduled for last night at 6:30 so that she would still be on schedule with her class. She had a blast! Travis showed up a few minutes into the class and took over for me. I stuck around and got pictures and I'll post those of Jayden and Kenley as soon as I get them off my camera. I love watching my girls learn and explore and find confidence in themselves. Jayden was asked to demonstrate the new skill and she did great! It was on the uneven bars. The instructor had her stand on a step and jump to grab onto the lowest bar. She did it on the first try!!! And she kept wanting to go back. I'm so proud of my girls!

Okay...so back to my challenge. I'm already noticing a difference in my energy level and also with my blood sugar. I took 7 units of insulin yesterday morning because my numbers were still a little high 2 hours after breakfast. When you exercise, your body releases a growth hormone and a lot of sugar so that your body can burn the fat. So...you blood sugar spikes...big! I am just having to learn how to control that with what I eat for breakfast. All day my numbers were awesome! I was 122 before bed last night!!!!!!!!!! That is AWESOME! This morning I was at 133!!!! I am so excited!

I did have a harder time waking up this morning. I just wanted to lay back down and sleep. But I didn't! I got up, worked out and did my liver cleanse. Now...I just need to get myself ready for the day!

So...I better wrap this up. My mother-in-law is coming to pick up my girls for the day in a couple of hours and a client coming over for a facial. I need to get this place picked up! :) Thanks for the support!!

Weight: 139.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss: .4 lbs

25 January 2011

Day 2 (21 Day Challenge)

Day 2 and going strong!

I woke up at 5:30am this morning. I allowed myself 30 minutes extra of sleep because I went to bed 30 minutes later than I should have last night. I still got everything done by the time Jayden got up!

Before I get too much into today...I need to tell you about yesterday! I made it through the day without giving in to temptation! I was sooo hungry! But I did not deviate from the meal plan. I realized that Liz (my nutritionist) only has me eating 1300 calories a day. WHAT!? She is crraaaazy! So, I let her know this morning that I was hungry throughout the day and she will adjust it for me. The meals were all so good...especially my dinner! I had chili for dinner and it was, quite possibly, one of the best chilis I have ever had.

During the day I was very tempted to snack on all my old treats. So, I called my best friend Leigh! She came over and distracted me for the rest of the day. Then I had my weekly Mary Kay meeting to keep me away from the pantry! :)

Leigh is my main support at this point. Travis is awesome, but he isn't the best accountability partner! :) He still has to have his half of the pantry with the white bread, Pop Tarts and such. Having all that around is hard, but he isn't the one who has to live with Diabetes. The girls will eat whatever I fix for them, so that helps. Soon, Daddy will be the only one eating the bad food! :) Anyway...Leigh went with me to my consultation with Liz so that she could hear everything I was told and so she can hold me accountable. She is awesome!

Yesterday morning I took my insulin as usual and by the time I needed my first snack I was crashing hard! After my snack I was fine. I went through the rest of the day and before dinner I tested my blood sugar. It was perfect! So...I didn't take my insulin. I ate dinner and two hours later (when you are supposed to check the peak of your sugars) I was at 152 (a PERFECT number for me)!!! In ONE DAY I have proven that I can control my Diabetes with my diet! **Don't worry...I'm checking my blood sugars regularly to make sure I am stable and will continue my insulin use if needed.

This morning I did not take my insulin because my blood sugar was at a GREAT level!


This morning was great! I woke up at 5:30, did my work out (was easier today, but my legs hate me), did the Liver cleanse and ate breakfast. I even had some quiet time to sit down and read my Bible before the chaos of the day. Then I got ready for the day...all before Jayden woke up (Kenley is still asleep)!

I did the Liver cleanse as a shot this morning and it was SOOOOO much better! I still wanted to throw up right after I took it, but it subsided after about 10 minutes. I was able to eat breakfast and I had my wheat protein isolate drink. I am hoping it helps me stay full during the day so I am not tempted to snack!

I feel so good today! I am so excited about the idea that I just might be able to pull this off! :)

Day 2:

Weight: 139.4 lbs
Total Weight Loss: .4 lbs


Thank you to those who are encouraging me with comments! I need them!!

24 January 2011

21 Day Challenge - Day 1

Today is the first day of my 21 Day Challenge with My Fit Foods!

My goals:
1) Get control of my blood sugar levels
2) Get off insulin
3) Lose 10 lbs.

Beginning weight: 139.8
Insulin: 10 units morning and evening

Here is how it works:
My Fit Foods is a company started by a man who was a trainer. He got frustrated when he wasn't seeing fast results with his clients, so he started cooking for them. Soon, he was cooking for the entire gym. Now he has a company that cooks great quality, healthy meals and snacks. He started this business in Houston, but it has spread.

I went in yesterday for a consultation with a nutritionist. We talked about my likes, dislikes and goals. She spent an hour with me, educating me and putting together a meal plan for the next 21 days.

So...for the next 21 days, I am going to be waking up at 5:00am, working out, drinking a liver cleanse and eating breakfast. Then I will continue to eat, pre-made meals and snacks, every 3 hours. I will be documenting my progress here so whoever wants to join me in my journey...can! :)

Okay...so some of you are questioning my sanity regarding the 5:00am wake time. The reason I chose that time is because that gives me the perfect amount of time to get everything done that I need to, get a shower and get ready for the day before my kids wake up.

Today it began! I woke up at 5:00am and did my Biggest Loser Boot Camp workout with Bob! It kicked my HINEY!!!! Right after working out I drank the liver cleanse. Okay...I fought back the urge to vomit the entire time! That thing is NASTY! Here is what it consists of:

- 12 oz water
- Lemon juice (fresh squeezed)
- Apple Cider Vinegar
- Cranberry juice
- B-12

There are a couple of ways to drink this: 1) All together or 2) the last four ingredients as a shot and then drink the water. I made the mistake of putting it all together. NASTY NASTY NASTY!!!! I was fighting the urge to run to the bathroom and hug the toilet. Did I mention it was NASTY?! BUT...I'm determined. I am going to do this for 21 days. I will find what works for me and I will DO IT! Apparently, artificial sweeteners are really bad for your liver if you use them a lot. I do!! I use Splenda in EVERYTHING! So...I really really really need to cleanse my liver. I WILL DO THIS! (can you tell I'm trying to convince myself?)

This morning I had breakfast tacos. They were really good!! I'm looking forward to my snack at 9:00am! :)

Alright...that is day 1! We are just beginning and I am so excited. I really feel good about taking charge and doing something to get my diabetes under control!

Thanks for joining me on my journey!

27 December 2010

Kenley's First Steps

Today: 12/27/2010
Kenley took her first steps to her daddy! It was so fun and Daddy got a little teary eyed!

18 November 2010

Thoughtful Thursday

Please don't think that I'm a bad mother by not responding to my child's cry of, "I want you!" There are just days when you know that is manipulation. This has been happening all day and just thought I would share one of the reasons that us mothers seem to have lost our minds on many days. :)

This is actually a pretty rare occurrence around here, so I had to share!